Table 2. Comparison between persistence and avoidance of causal exposure
First author [ref.]AgentPersistence of exposureCessation of exposure
Symptom recoveryNSBHR recoverySymptom recoveryNSBHR recovery
Chan-Yeung [13]Red cedar0/47NA55/136NA
Rosenberg [14]Isocyanates0/40/410/200/14
Moscato [15]Various0/4NA9/18NA
Gannon [16]Various2/34NA3/78NA
Tarlo [17]Isocyanates0/10#NA23/104#NA
Orriols [18]Isocyanates0/40/410/176/17
Merget [19]Platinum salts0/9NA10/19NA
Valentino [20]Isocyanates0/13NA9/37NA
Padoan [21]Isocyanates2/13NA23/74NA
Pooled estimates4/138, 7.0% (3.4–13.7%)0/8152/503, 33.7% (23.6–45.6%)6/31
  • Individual study data are presented as n/N. Pooled estimates are presented as n/N with or without % (95% CI). NA: not available; NSBHR: nonspecific bronchial hyperresponsiveness. #: “Global assessment of asthma”; : pooled estimates based on a random-effect model.