Table 1. Characteristics of three rheumatoid arthritis patients with certolizumab pegol (CZP)-associated pneumonitis
Case 1Case 2Case 3
Age years677172
Smoking statusEx-smokerNonsmokerEx-smoker
Years of rheumatoid arthritis34843
Rheumatoid factor/anti-CCPPositive/NAPositive/positivePositive/positive
CZP dose#NA84
Onset of symptoms15 weeks16 weeks8 weeks
DAS-28 before CZP6.345.95.6
DAS-28 after CZP6.721.895.2
HRCT findingsGround-glass attenuationGround-glass attenuationGround-glass attenuation
OutcomeDied (18 days after admission)Impaired, home oxygen supply on exertionImpaired, home oxygen supply on exertion
  • CCP: cyclic citrullinated peptide; DAS-28: disease activity score-28 joints; HRCT: high-resolution computed tomography; NA: not answered. #: number of doses given once in a 2-week interval; : time delay between initiation of therapy and onset of symptoms.