Table 1 Incidence of isolated splenic metastasis from lung cancer
First author [Ref.]Primary tumour typeInterval from primary tumour to metastasisFollow-upSplenectomySymptoms of metastasis
Klein [6]Bronchioalveolar carcinoma20 monthsDied 49 months after splenectomyYesAbdominal pain
Edelman [7]Lung poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma0No dataAsymptomatic
Macheers [8]Lung large cell, undifferentiated0Died 1 month after splenectomyYesAsymptomatic
Gupta [9]Right hilar neoplasm0Died 8 weeks after splenectomyYesSplenic rupture
Kinoshita [10]Lung squamous cell14 monthsDied 27 months after splenectomyYesAsymptomatic
Takada [11]Bronchopulmonary carcinoid8 yrYesAbdominal pain
Massarweh [3]Lung adenocarcinoma0YesSplenic rupture
Schmidt [12]Lung moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma4 yrYesAsymptomatic
Pramesh [13]Lung squamous cell2 monthsNoAsymptomatic
Sanchez-Romero [4]Lung adenocarcinoma0YesAbdominal pain
Van Hul [14]Lung adenocarcinoma2 yrYesAsymptomatic