Table 2. Prognostic value of right ventricular parameters in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH): cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
ParameterCorrelationStudy designFirst author [ref.]
Ventricular mass indexSurvivalProspective, single centre; n=40 overall, n=28 with PAH at restHagger [46]
Indexed right ventricular massMortalityProspective, single centre; n=74Bradlow [47]
Right ventricular dilatationMortalityProspective, multicentre; n=64van Wolferen [48]
Stroke volumeMortalityProspective, multicentre; n=64van Wolferen [48]
RVEFMortalityProspective, multicentre; n=64van Wolferen [48]
Myocardial fibrosis (late gadolinium enhancement)/RVEFMajor adverse clinical events (hospitalisation, death and referral/need for lung transplantation)Retrospective, single centre; n=21Soma [49]
  • RVEF: right ventricular ejection fraction.