Table 1. Major findings from the main clinical trials evaluating anti-interleukin (IL)-5 antibodies in asthma
First author [ref.]DrugSubjects nPrimary end-pointDurationMain findings
Leckie [13]Mepolizumab24Histamine AHRSingle doseDecreased blood eosinophils up to 16 weeks, no significant effect on AHR
B├╝ttner [4]Mepolizumab19Eosinophil population and ECP levels12 weeksDecreased eosinophils and serum ECP
Flood-Page [35]Mepoliumab24Airway eosinophils and clinical parameters of disease activity8 weeksDecreased airway eosinophils, no change in clinical parameter
Flood-Page [36]Mepolizumab362Clinical parameters12 weeksNo change in clinical end-points
Trend for a reduction in exacerbation rate
Haldar [37]Mepolizumab61Exacerbations12 monthsSignificant reduction in severe exacerbations and improvement of the AQLQ score
Nair [38]Mepolizumab20Exacerbations and prednisone sparing effect5 monthsReduction of oral steroid daily dose without exacerbations
Pavord [39]Mepolizumab621Exacerbations12 monthsSignificant decrease of the exacerbation rates
Kips [40]Reslizumab26SymptomsSingle doseNo modification of symptoms
Castro [41]Reslizumab106ACQ score12 weeksNo change in ACQ score, pulmonary function tests or clinical parameters
Significant decrease of sputum eosinophilia
Busse [42]Benralizumab44Safety in an open-labelled studySingle doseNo serious adverse events
  • AHR: airway hyperresponsiveness; ECP: eosinophil cationic protein; ACQ: asthma control questionnaire; AQLQ: Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire.