Table. 5—

Health resource use in previous 6 months

Healthcare resource useDiagnosed asthmap-value
Not well-controlledAt least well-controlled
Subjects n18271792
Visited traditional medical provider94.689.6<0.001
Traditional medical provider visits9.92±10.86.78±6.78<0.001
Visited general/family practitioner80.875.80.0038
Visited internist9.65.2<0.001
Visited allergist15.69.6<0.001
Visited pulmonologist11.45.7<0.001
Visited ER24.515.9<0.001
ER visits0.6±2.40.2±0.7<0.001
Times hospitalised0.4±2.80.2±0.6<0.001
  • Data are presented as % or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. ER: emergency room. Statistical comparisons were computed using the Chi-squared test for percentages and unpaired t-tests for means.