Unit costs

Per day stay in hospitalEmergency room visitPrimary care visitSpecialist care visitSource [ref.]
France460.5023.0020.0023.00PSMI [13], AMELI [14]
Germany340.73157.1629.3444.47EBM [16], Arnold et al. [17]
Italy197.7761.9712.9120.66Official Government [15]
The Netherlands255.8044.6318.0649.30Oostenbrink [18]
Spain267.60103.6017.86108.902002 SOIKOS database of sanitary costs (unpublished)
Sweden329.69126.2376.1976.19Prices and Reimbursements for the Southern Health Care region 2001 [21]
UK222.93109.4229.18131.30Department of Health [19]
Netten and Curtis [20]
  • Data are presented as number of Euros per event. PSMI: Le programme de médicalisation des systèmes d'information; AMELI: L'Assurance maladie en ligne; EBM: Einheitlicher Bewertungsmassstab; SOIKOS: Centre for Studies in Health, Economics and Social Policy.