Table. 4—

Healthcare attitudes of respondents with asthma by control status

Agree/strongly agree with statementDiagnosed asthmap-value
Not well-controlled#At least well-controlled
Unless there is a good reason to change my medication, I think it is best to continue taking my medication as I currently do72.068.00.032
I prefer brand name medications to generic ones21.114.8<0.001
Whenever I don't feel well, I should consult a medically trained professional41.745.80.04
If I get sick, it is my own behaviour which determines how soon I get well again47.553.70.002
My doctor knows about all the over-the-counter products that I use48.042.70.009
I am afraid of needles27.021.2<0.001
All prescription medications have side-effects43.334.8<0.001
I would prefer if my medications were combined into fewer pills44.537.8<0.001
I try to take a multivitamin each day to improve or maintain my health27.021.3<0.001
Having regular contact with my physician is the best way for me to avoid illness29.919.9<0.001
I try to take my medication at the same time every day65.259.70.005
  • Data are presented as %, unless otherwise stated. #: n = 1,827; : n = 1,792. Statistical comparisons were computed using the Chi-squared test.