Table. 2—

Proportion of patients with individual components of the Asthma Control Test™

Diagnosed asthmap-value
Not well-controlled#At least well-controlled
Impact of asthma on work, school and home activities in past 4 weeks<0.001
    All of the time3.40.1
    Most of the time10.10.0
    Some of the time27.31.4
    A little of the time33.718.7
    None of the time25.479.8
Frequency of shortness of breath in past 4 weeks<0.001
    At least once a day48.11.7
    3–6 times per week24.43.7
    Once or twice per week25.647.5
Night-time awakenings due to asthma in past 4 weeks<0.001
    ≥4 nights per week17.00
    2–3 nights per week26.41.3
    Once a week16.93.3
    Once or twice per week39.895.4
Frequency of rescue medication use<0.001
    ≥3 times per day14.80.6
    Once or twice per day38.07.1
    2–3 times per week24.68.2
    None or once a week22.684.1
Self-rated asthma control in past 4 weeks<0.001
    Not at all controlled11.64.0
    Poorly controlled10.71.0
    Somewhat controlled35.04.7
    Completely controlled5.353.6
  • Data are presented as % of patients, unless otherwise stated. #: n = 1,827; : n = 1,792. Statistical comparisons were computed using the Chi-squared test.