Table. 2—

Clinical prediction rules for pulmonary embolism

Wells score [23]Revised Geneva score [24]
Active cancer+1Age >65 yrs+1
Haemoptysis+1Active cancer+2
Previous DVT or PE+1.5Haemoptysis+2
Heart rate >100 beats·min−1+1.5Previous DVT or PE+3
Surgery or bed rest ≥3 days within 1 month+1.5Surgery or lower limb fracture within 1 month+2
Clinical signs of DVT+3Unilateral oedema and pain at palpation+4
No alternative diagnosis as more likely than PE+3Spontaneously reported calf pain+3
Heart rate 75–94 beats·min−1+3
Heart rate ≥95 beats·min−1+5
Clinical probabilityPointsPE %Clinical probabilityPointsPE %
Clinical probability (dichotomised)
PE unlikely≤48–13
PE likely>437–56
  • DVT: deep venous thrombosis; PE: pulmonary embolism.