Table 5—

Disease and treatment characteristics of asthma sufferers by control

Diagnosed asthmap-value#
Not well-controlledAt least well-controlled
Subjects n11591178
Years since diagnosis17.0±13.716.7±12.90.616
Asthma severity<0.001
    Mild intermittent34.572.8
    Mild persistent26.117.4
    Moderate persistent31.98.6
    Severe persistent7.51.2
Number of instances spoken with doctor about asthma in past year<0.001
Use of rescue medication42.712.0<0.001
Use of controller medication44.125.8<0.001
MMAS, among treated1.49±1.331.34±1.280.015
    Ever forgotten to take medicine41.533.6<0.001
    Careless about taking medicine33.527.30.003
    Stop taking medicine when feel better49.050.50.500
    Stop taking medicine when feel worse24.822.70.279
Healthcare resource use in past 6 months
    Traditional medical provider visits9.93±11.596.48±7.96<0.001
    Visited ER25.517.7<0.001
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or %, unless otherwise stated. MMAS: Morisky Medication Adherence Scale; ER: emergency room. #: computed using Chi-squared for comparisons of percentages and t-tests for comparisons of means; : self reported.