Table 4—

Healthcare attitudes of asthma sufferers by control

Agree with statementDiagnosed asthmap-value+
Not well-controlled#At least well-controlled
I am in control of my health49.258.5<0.001
If I take the right actions, I can stay healthy50.257.9<0.001
Having regular contact with my physician is the best way for me to avoid illness34.626.8<0.001
Following a doctor's orders to the letter is the best way for me to stay healthy45.745.60.945
No matter what I do, if I am going to get sick, I will get sick33.529.10.023
Luck plays a big part in determining how soon I will recover from an illness14.611.30.018
My friends consider me a good source of health information29.531.20.387
Sometimes I take other people's medication even though it is not prescribed for me11.29.80.281
I frequently forget to take medications prescribed by my physician15.315.40.905
I frequently switch prescription medications5.33.60.037
I would ask my doctor for a prescription medication65.161.00.040
I would take a medication not approved by the appropriate regulatory agency if I thought that I needed it22.316.4<0.001
I am doing all I can to maintain a healthy diet52.853.60.712
I would try acupuncture53.752.20.480
I am very satisfied with the healthcare I receive47.055.6<0.001
I would participate in a clinical drug trial40.833.0<0.001
I would take a prescription medication every day for the rest of my life to prevent a disease I may be at risk for56.651.50.014
  • Data are presented as %, unless otherwise stated. #: n = 1,159; : n = 1,178; +: computed using Chi-squared test.