Table 3—

Demographic and health characteristics of asthma sufferers by control

Diagnosed asthmap-value#
Not well-controlledAt least well-controlled
Subjects n11591178
Age yrs44.54±15.840.94±15.0<0.001
Married or living with partner59.061.50.212
College degree28.736.3<0.001
Country of residence
Smoked in the past33.932.30.421
Currently smoke34.725.0<0.001
Experience depression§28.018.7<0.001
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or %, unless otherwise stated. #: computed using Chi-squared for comparisons of percentages and t-tests for comparisons of means; : body mass index ≥25 and <30 kg·m−2; +: body mass index ≥30 kg·m−2; §: self reported.