Table. 2—

Mortality benefit of statin use in the general population diagnosed with community acquired pneumonia

CohortSubject nRisk reduction[Ref.]
Retrospective cohort study in teaching hospital7870.36 (0.14–0.92)64% reduction in 30-day mortality[102]
Population based prospective cohort study34150.78 (0.57–1.07)22% reduction in mortality or admission to an ICU[103]
Population based retrospective nested case–control60890.47 (0.25–0.88)53% reduction in fatal pneumonia[104]
Prospective hospital based observational study10070.46 (0.25–0.85)54% reduction in 30-day mortality[105]
Population based cohort study299000.69 (0.58–0.82)31% reduction in 30-day mortality[106]
0.75 (0.65–0.86)25% reduction in 90-day mortality
Retrospective national cohort study86520.54 (0.42–0.70)46% reduction in 30-day mortality[107]
Population based case–control study22350.81 (0.46–1.42)19% reduction in risk of pneumonia (after excluding those with CAD)[108]
Population based cohort study36810.33 (0.19–0.58)67% reduction in 30-day mortality[109]
0.45 (0.32–0.62)55% reduction in long-term mortality
  • Data are presented as odds ratio (95% confidence interval). Data for population based case–control study and cohort study are presented as hazard ration (95% confidence interval). ICU: intensive care unit; CAD: coronary artery disease.