Table. 1—

Changes in physical activity after pulmonary rehabilitation

First author [Ref.]PatientsSessions of supervised rehabilitationDuration of rehabilitation weeksInstrument to measure physical activityOutcome
Steele [26]38168TA: Tritrac R3D accelerometerVMU per min
Steele [27]111168TA: RT3 accelerometerVMU
Coronado [28]15363UA: self-contained activity monitorTime at low + medium act %
Mercken [29]11408UA: physical activity monitor accelerometerPhysical activity monitor score
Sewell [30]
    Standard59147UA: ambulatory activity monitorCounts
    Individualised64147UA: Z80–32k V1 IntCounts
Pitta [31]
    3 months293612TA: dynaportWalking time
    6 months296024TAWalking time
Walker [32]23168UA: actiwatchTime spent mobile %
Dallas [33]452–36–12PE: New Lifestyles,NL-2000Counts per h
de Blok [34]
    Classic8NR9PM: Yamax digi walkerSteps
    Classic+pedom8NR9PM: Yamax digi walkerSteps
  • Data are presented as n. pedom: pedometer feedback; TA: triaxial accelerometer; UA: uniaxial accelerometer; PE: pedometer (electronic); PM: pedometer (mechanical); NR: not reported; VMU: vector magnitude units. Please also refer to figure 2.