Patient characteristics at screening: 1-yr and 6-month trials with tiotropium

Casaburi et al. 2002 46Vincken et al. 2002 47Brusasco et al. 2003 50
Patients n550371356179402405400
Male %67638486777576
Age yrs65656465646465
Duration of COPD yrs8.68.111.411.
FEV1 L1.
FEV1 % pred39.138.143.941.439.237.738.7
FEV1/FVC %45.845.545.745.543.742.242.3
  • Data are presented as mean, unless otherwise stated. Tio: tiotropium group; Pbo: placebo group; Ipra: ipratropium group; Sal: salmeterol group; COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in one second; FVC: forced expiratory volume.