Table 6—

The nuclear size and percentage of nonciliated and ciliated bronchiolar epithelial cells at 30 days of gestation and 4 and 17 weeks of post-natal age in rabbits

Nonciliated bronchiolar cellsCiliated cells
30 days4 weeks17 weeks30 days4 weeks17 weeks
Dn μm8.
NL n per mm%867861142239
NA n per mm2 %867761142339
NV n per mm3 %907867102233
Δ3D→2D %-4-1-6#+4+1+6#
  • Dn: mean calliper diameter of epithelial cell nuclei; nL: number of nuclear profiles per length of airway; nA: number of nuclear profiles per area of epithelium; nV: number of nuclei per volume of epithelium; Δ3D2D %: the percentage of change from size-weighted estimates of nL and nA as compared with the unbiased estimate of nV [106]. #: significant difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional estimates.